10 children with HIV by blood transfusion is obtained

10 children with HIV by blood transfusion is obtained

Ten children received after the contaminated blood transfusions are infected with HIV, management is the pathetic state of the blood in the case highlighted a “shock” in the country, said yesterday.

5-16-year-olds, both genetic blood disorder that requires the patient to undergo regular blood transfusions Thalassaemia, pain.

Saira sick Tarar, the National Health Service regulation and coordination minister, has promised to investigate the case harder to “shock”.

“I am writing to local governments to seek for it, and I also report on the incident,” he said.

But has the role of Parliament in the federal and provincial governments to demand a blood test Pakistan, its implementation is weak.

“Responsible person shall be punished very severely punished,” Javed Akram said Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences is the Vice President.

“If someone is suffering from a life-long disease and illness were another life to them,” he said.

Akram was more likely to Thalassaemia patients increases the number of children affected by the test performed.

“We treat all of the Thalassaemia HIV-AIDS, as well as the cost of treatment offered them freedom,” he said.

Dr Yasmin Rashid, Secretary General of Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan, it is the children that are affected, even at this stage it was difficult to identify the culprit yieotdayi blood bank, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and said in Lahore.

“All children have to go through a number of transfusion centers. They will not go through the movement of the center from another center.”

Rashid for some transfusion center to the screen for the B-type and C-type hepatitis, they said, is generally not an HIV test.

UNAIDS estimates that Pakistan is a 0.05% of the general population has been infected, it is treated as a low prevalence country for HIV.

However, the disease is expanding around the Gulf of injection drug users, sex workers, among migrant workers.

Prevent the production of hemoglobin and Thalassaemia affects the expected fifty thousand people in the country.

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