181 Pakistanis reach Aden port for evacuation to Djibouti

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ISLAMABAD: 181 Pakistani nationals trapped in the war in Yemen have reached the port of Aden to be transported by a Chinese naval vessel in the African state of Djibouti,

The population had returned to their homes yesterday after delays in the authorization for the Chinese ship docked in Aden.

According to latest reports, 181 Pakistanis had now reached the port of Aden, where they will be divided into groups of 40 and taken by boat to board the Chinese ship.

A special plane PIA, which is on standby at Karachi airport, depart for Djibouti to transport citizens once they arrive to the country.

That have already been made by the Pakistani diplomats in Djibouti for immigration, related documentation and temporary stay there.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said Wednesday that Pakistani citizens have completed their immigration process.

Meanwhile, a Navy vessel Pakistan has docked in the Yemeni port of Mukallah to bring the remaining Pakistani nationals back to the country.

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