Added tax on the pressure of the IMF is different and tells the NA

Added tax on the pressure of the IMF is different and tells the NA

On Thursday the finance minister would not be imposed on pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for more taxes or more different financial bailout package, said the National Assembly.

“Program or any program, we do not impose more taxes. We declined the offer of the IMF for more taxes,” he said.

Dar was speaking in response to the points raised by members of the debate on the Finance Bill for first reading.

The newly elected Pakistan Muslim League-me’s (PML-N) government in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the talks on a new loan program. However, the source is the outlook for foreign loan inflows and stage of the budget to achieve the medium-term macroeconomic objectives, offensive by the central bank to ease monetary policy, and said the skeptics over the tax collection target of the government.

During his speech, the Finance Minister has ambitious tax collection target of the government pointed out that “a tall order”.

“IMF program must be to the interests of Pakistan is subject to our terms of tax collection ‘unreasonable demands’, but we can stop stealing tax increase tax net should achieve it,” he said.

He is already present data about the tax collector. “What we need to do is to connect effectively. We also have a small amount of prison term for tax dodgers” is increasing.

Finance bill passed, the opposition rejects amendment.

On Thursday the National Assembly passed a bill 2013-14 financial expenditure of Rs 3.985 trillion with a majority vote.

The federal government passed the Finance Bill 2013-14 with a majority vote. However, PML-N has rejected all amendments proposed by the opposition.

The number of proposed amendments were incorporated by the Finance Minister. For a total of 21 recommendations were also included in the bill proposed by the Senate.

Is clearly different from that of 2010 and 2012 respectively, NA Speaker and Senate to the state, as well as the rights and privileges of membership are adjusted to the same level.

Minister was awarded the decision of the Supreme Court for the collection of government June 13 general sales tax (GST).

However, he said, the tax is still collected from the consumer and not coming national kitty. He also rejected the notion that additional taxation result of 4-5 percent increase of one percent.

He was also clear that the government did not accept the proposal he will not be delivered because of the finance bill introduced some mini-budgets and final appearance coming in the Senate, as well as a member of the recommendations contained in the subsequent generation.

He is the current taxation rate is lower than the rate of inflation, said the failure of the previous government’s economic policies.

Taisha said dareueun tax is not imposed pilgrims. Tax effect of adjustments to the budget of the previous year, rather than imposed on operators rupees (2500), “We propose to increase to Rs 5000 and we are discussing with the business.”

Finance Minister asked the opposition not to play politics on the budget. When the country is in a serious financial crisis, “we do not need to play politics. The government is committed, we need the support of all the people.” We have time for politics and we are on it, at least Let’s work hard for the next three years.

He was also clear that the tax exemption in order to facilitate the poor people in the country already be in the kitchen items.

Open the discussion on the previous financial measure, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Ed Naveed Qamar said section of the bill on wages would make a differentiation between salary class. This issue should be discussed at the Finance Committee.

He was even elected member has received discriminatory treatment in terms of taxation. Collection of GST the government in the name of the tax will be taken to a double taxation will embarrass the country.

Naveed Qamar, he said the government would result in only a brain drain from the national government is characterized by fear of more mini-budget to be coming to introduce a mini-budget annual budget within 20 days.

Pakistan Tehrik-I-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mahmoud Kure GST is imposed from June 13, 2013 unconstitutional and upheld the position of opposition to the Supreme Court decision.

He said the government would have the added burden poor attention than the rich do not pay for the measures proposed in opposition. In addition, levels of government raises a lot of questions and even the IMF was not satisfied with them.
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Asif Ed Haas Nine did not charge the GST previous government on the needs of the people it was a good decision.

He has written to the dictation of the IMF’s budget malhaetdagwa GST argued that the 4% range is 19%.

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