ASFANDYAR should show the flexibility, Imran request

ASFANDYAR should show the flexibility, Imran request

National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali Khan in his position when -Advocating me, showed the flexibility to Imran Khan’s calling this political agreement negotiation of complex line-oriented dialogue and ensure a successful outcome.

“There aside two top Imran Khan PTI Prime Minister maintain their self-esteem and they are required to display this country of tolerance, if you want to end the current political crisis faced with is that we are calling for a long time after.” While troubleshooting a public meeting in Mar adding a solution to political problems observed on Sunday, ANP chief was in conversation.

Asfandyar However, Imran Khan was hard to say, “We will not be able to become a political martyr of him.” He deceived the country, “the so-called change,” denounced the exploitation of youth by the name Imran. He wanted to bring in changes in the type of training Imran country’s kind, he was curious about the details given to the youth of the country.

“The only thing I found Imran does not accept that we will shake the foundations of the former Pakistan.” Wally maintained.

ANP provincial director of PTI was the sacrifice of ANP workers in KP is a warning that we reserve the right to pay them a coin Otherwise, you need to stop saying the government initiative to improve the way.

He extradition is not sufficient to settle the dislocation of people, but a good sign that his party complete rehabilitation and priorities based on a circle above his home land of the internally displaced (IDPs). He ANP politician spirit, said based on tolerance and non-violence, “the party rendered many sacrifices for peace in the country and sacrificed their lives for a number of party elders peace,” he said.

“ANP leaders and workers are ready to sacrifice more lives for the restoration of peace in the region”, PTI chief said.

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