Early in 2015 dialogues expected in the United States between Pakistan

Early in 2015 dialogues expected in the United States between Pakistan

While this dialogue and bilateral cooperation as well emphasis will continue to grow over the ongoing transition in Afghanistan, plans a ministerial session of the United States and Pakistan strategic dialogue and early 2015, said a senior official of the United States.

“We are getting an early result of constructive engagement with Pakistan in 2015, and is planning a strategic dialogue Ministerial session, the next important component of our national security strategy that will continue,” Jarrett, Afghanistan and principal deputy special representative Pakistan, told congressional hearings.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki in Pakistan next year, said Secretary of State John Kerry to visit eager reporters.

“I do not have a trip to announce at this point, the United States – when asked about the dates of the Pakistani dialogue with Pakistan Minister Kerry I think we will do something to announce in the next few weeks, so I hope to get 2015 aspirations of Ministers I know, “the spokesman said.

Subcommittee on Asia and the Middle East and Pakistan Blanc stated at a joint hearing of the Pacific, North Africa, that the Committee on Democracy and Economic Development, and also stopped the armed activity began bukwa Waziristan, the main task.

Referring to this year’s protests, he said, indicated that democratic institutions in Pakistan who weathered the storm. “In the aggregate, both in terms of Pakistan bilateral cooperation, the trajectory of the sheep.”

US-Pakistan strategic dialogue elaborated the importance of said formula is a mechanism to support the shared interest of energy intensive cooperation in economic and defense terrorism.

“We look forward to continued dialogue and cooperation as well, but increased to well over changes in Afghanistan. We also recognize that it is important to develop the goals of the combination of our region and Pakistan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Senate has approved the following cleaning the bulk of the funds of the federal government through the fiscal year $ 1.1 trillion spending bill Saturday night. Two years, including a provision to expand the coalition support funds (CSF) to Pakistan include large defense budget bill 2015.

Offer includes “some of the attached bill, known as the 2410 ‘and some of the new conditions on release CSF to reimburse Pakistan S.. The US Senate is also the final approval of the $ 584.2 billion bill when it has been approved on Friday evening.

The House of Representatives has already passed the now President Barack Obama signed into law a bill going to the White House. Now defense authorization law, the bill, known as the 2015 includes $ 63.7bn in overseas contingency operations, and calls for the US-led war on terror previously. Support for countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq has been in this Article.

The provisions relating to Pakistan, however, the US Senate is included in S. 2410 attached to the original bill. In addition to other issues, S. 2410 deals directly with US efforts to respond to and supervise the repayment CSF terrorism coalition fighting the terrorists. Offer is clear that Pakistan can receive more than one year billion in funding.

Pakistan has received this funding 370 million us dollars in October. Imbursements are made four times a year in the last text funding to Pakistan shows that the fiscal year 2015 is extended to the United States.

US Secretary of Defense contributed to sangdanghieul thatPakistan “The total amount of the fiscal year, North Korea does not prove the congressional defense committees have performed military operations in Waziristan 2015 Pakistanduring reimbursement approval and support, $ 300m can not be waived” safe in Pakistan interfere with the freedom of movement of refuge and Khaqani network. Secretary must certify that Pakistan is “North Waziristan is a safe haven Khaqani network that does not guarantee a return to for” demonstrated a willingness to take action.

From 90 days after the date of enactment, and thereafter every six months to yinaeeyi law, Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to the committee of the Parliament on the nature and scope of the two shall submit a report to security cooperation between the US and Pakistan.

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