I was often unemployed: Al Pacino

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Money Hollywood superstar Al Pacino has revealed has never been his prerogative as he is not materialistic.
The 75-year-old actor said he even slept in a toy store during his youth, The Guardian reported online.
“There was a time when I was young when I could have used money.. After college I was often unemployed while I slept in a tent for a few days but I’ve never materialistic state only that I am, of course, because my lifestyle makes me a spender!, “he said.
Once Upon A Time Akshay Kumar … Remember Al Pachino Act of his days Godfather
The star of “The Godfather” said James Gerardi his grandfather taught him the importance of a work.
“He was a plasterer and job – any job – was the joy of her life So I grew up wanting -.. It’s what I’ve always pursued the joy of work is what keeps me going,” he added.

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