Innocent Muslims are being killed in Burma; Yet no voice raised by human rights groups!

Innocent Muslims are being killed in Burma; Yet no voice raised by human rights groups!

Muslims around the world, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq are dying in the hands of their government. As for Burma, however, countless numbers of people are killed every day, and have not yet raised a voice to address the outrageous murder of a Muslim minority in Burma proper human rights organizations around the world.

According to the report, hingya a minority of Burma museulrimneun being killed every day. According to sources, missing almost a million Muslims hingya more than 650 to date, nearly 1,200 were killed in Burma. In addition, about 90,000 have been displaced.

According to the report, in hingya settled in Myanmar Muslims back eight centuries, but this is why they are killing innocent Muslims daily permitted by the Buddhist community.

Countries such as the United States has always been prominent in these matters. They always come out to save the country like Israel to Palestine. Nevertheless, because Muslims are being killed two hours, they were all silent.

That what is happening in Burma also known as Myanmar, a direct violation of international law and must be classified as a crime against humanity, but unfortunately everyone is set tilt the blind eye and ear to the plight of the Muslims.

The most painful thing at a time, the struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma is a struggle for life and dignity, “said Sen Burma Peace Prize winner Aung Suu Kyi has also highlighted the issue, you do not have yet.

Recently, some of the Muslim and Buddhist organizations in India, Indian Prime Minister requesting their intervention to stop the killing of Muslims in Burma, wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh.

Well, all he carried out a helpless minority in Burma should be emphasized immediately to stop the Burmese government in such a cruel treatment and what it is either.

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