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The world’s largest online social network has now announced that it will select a person who can manage your account after you have died. Previous account was locked, so you can log in to “memorialised”, or no one after death.

But Facebook users have wanted more choices. After they are dead, began in the United States, Facebook users can now respond to the new friend requests, update their profile picture and cover photo, you can select “Existing Contact” and posted on their pages. In addition, users can have their accounts deleted after his death that were not previously possible.

If the person managing your account after you were dead, upside down, click the triangle in the upper right corner of the page and find the “Security Settings.” You must be Facebook users in the United States you will have the option to edit legacy contact. But you do not need to choose someone else to manage your account. You can also check the box to permanently delete your account when you die.

Who choose to manage your account until Facebook account is memorialised will not even notice your selection. But you can just send them a message.

The account is memorialised at the request of a loved one, you must provide proof of the death of the person in this obituary. Facebook is trying not to appear in a different way to upset the loved ones of the dead, the user’s account, “suggested friends” or people.

Almost 1.4 billion users to Facebook Facebook product manager Vanessa Callison – though he was a lover of Birch request “hundreds of thousands” to do so, memorialised not say how many accounts.

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