Salman Khan, Karishma being upset by walking off the stage

Salman Khan, Karishma being upset by walking off the stage

After his joke was not sportingly by Karishma Tanna’s popular reality show, he often afflicts Salman Khan met the participants of ‘Bigg Boss 8’ hat of the host.

Salman, in the course of the show, he was too late Pritam Singh Karishma ridicule that’s also what to tell whether a little confused. Superstar, but she said it to tease them, Karishma’s began to cry.

Pritam crying when she is asked to Karishma’s why she was not funny joke around all the time.

According to sources, Salman is the ‘Bigg Boss’ there’s an entertainment show Karishma for they are all fun. If she is to be a boring show, all you can sit and do nothing.

He also said that it will take all the people, even co-participants Ali Quli Mirza plague Dimpy Mach cup but sportingly, as in all the fun.

Then it Karishma’s nerves, if this guy is not he a star she is feeling low all day, that ‘Dabangg’. She also said he felt sorry it had overwhelmed her.

Upen Patel, another wanted to stop living is to describe the response of the side Karishma, told him not to get between Salman.

Apparently upset Salman walked the next step.

The episode will go on air on Sunday on colors tv channel.

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